The maximum load is up to 220 lbs/100kgs now and yes, we use an electric engine with 2 motors.

GYM MONSTER has 10 different heights of the locking mechanism, including 306mm, 456mm, 606mm, 756mm, 906mm, 1056mm, 1206mm, 1356mm, 1506mm, 1656mm

Yes, we can provide a data analysis report for each training session, and use big data to guide strength growth training. 

We have different modes : 1 (SPOTTER) + 4 (STANDARD、CHAINS、ECCENTRIC、CONSTANT); 

SPOTTER : Spotters help you finish your last few reps when your muscles are fatigued, which is much harder to do when training by yourself.

STANDARD : The digital weight provided is constant; 

CHAINS : You can simulate the feeling of real chains, getting the benefits at the touch of a single button; 

ECCENTRIC : Adds more resistance when your muscles are at their strongest to work your muscles harder in every rep; 

CONSTANT : Maintain a balance of tension and contraction forces,used in strength tests and rehabilitation training;

Yes, you can set and add the training content, number of groups, times, etc

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