Founded in 2020, Speediance is a promising high-tech startup that aims to manufacture a series of intelligent fitness products with highly valuable content, which is to create a scientific fitness culture and innovate smart fitness scenarios for home gym users.

Under the concept of “hardware + content + AI personal instruction+ community”, it’s designed to be a smart home gym for strength training. Gym Monster,all-in-one foldable home gym, was first launched on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter on November 9, raised over  $100,000 in 10 hours and exceeded 400,000 US dollars in 14 days,raised to 560,000 US dollars in 30 days.

Speediance will continue to utilize cutting-edge technology to create an ultimate experience, rediscovering the value of fitness, and bringing happiness to lives.


Mission: The mission of providing users with a safer, scientifically, and reliable fitness lifestyle.

Vision: Make the world an energetic place.

Values: Crafting a dynamic workout environment that provides a unique joy you get from a wonderful workout experience.

Philosophy: Working out should be a moment of a spiritual purifying ceremony. The time spent on training is a way to please, empower, and challenge yourself from your heart to your body.

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